Testimonials by HAPPY CLIENTS

Read what our happy clients have to say and let us help you too.

Testimonials by HAPPY CLIENTS

Read what our happy clients have to say and let us help you too.

I have found this workshop to be the boost of confidence that I needed to start my own business. It has provided me with the know-how and tools to start building my brand up from the ground. I am so excited to get started!


Littish is an excellent presenter, providing hands-on examples of best practices. I received so much positive encouragement, and feel that I now belong to a tribe of influential female entrepreneurs.


I would highly recommend this workshop to any female entrepreneur who has just starting and looking to grow her brand, or those still undecided. This workshop will give you a positive push in the right direction.


The setting of the workshop, and the drinks and eats, all came together to make this a wonderful experience.


I am looking forward to seeing what she is planning next!

by Yolani

by Madeline Rossouw

Littish has been a fantastic partner in helping me define and optimise my business and branding objectives.


I have been so pleased with Littish’s methodology and approach; she has given me exceptional insights into my capabilities as a business owner and marketer of my niche services.


I would recommend her to get involved in your business if you want to take your brand to the next level.

Thank you Littish!

I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop and will definitely recommend this to other female entrepreneurs, looking to grow their businesses.


You are such a mentor to me, giving, teaching and transferring your knowledge, time and skills in terms of growing and achieving my business brand goals.

by Bernadine

by Linda van der Walt

I would definitely recommend the workshops, it was very informative and very interesting. I will definitely attend more of her workshops.

Littish has produced some amazing photographs for my business. Very impressed and well recommended. This is a lady who is purely and simply good at her trade.

by Elmie Stroebel

by Blythe

The workshop was wonderfully insightful! Spending time on one’s business, learning and networking is always time well spent! The workshop provided actionable steps that can be implemented immediately, and gave me the motivation to up my social media game 🙂 A huge thank you to Littish for the insightful and practical tips and advice as well as all the participating brands for the spoils (catering, venue, goodie bags). 

I had high expectations coming into the workshop and got exactly what I wanted! Tips and tricks, info and insights, ideas and practical examples… but most of all I got inspired! Littish is a visionary and her passion shines through! I feel equipped to run various campaigns on all platforms with a clear strategy and mission for each. I couldn’t wait to try out new things and I am already seeing the results! This course is a must do! Thanks for empowering everyone Littish, I really enjoyed every second!

by Michelle

by Tanya

An absolute MUST if you are planning on starting your online business. Thank you Littish, absolute gold you shared with us. I feel confident and informed and ready to go!

From the start “go” I knew that this workshop was for me. Thank you Littish for your insight and heart for female entrepreneurs. I have learned so much about time management and networking in your industry. Many thanks for the knowledge shared and fun times shared with fellow ladies!

by Desiree

by Gao

Thank you so much for an amazing workshop. The content was exactly what i needed in my business to take my business to the next level. I loved the presentation style and the setting as well. cute, cute, cute. I will surely be back. You are amazing.

The workshop was so well put together and presented! Littish did so much effort and I believe that this workshop is a must for any female wanting to start or grow a business!

by Anke

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